Technical Training Coordinator

Job Brief: For the role of  Training Coordinator or Training Program Coordinator, the person is responsible for developing unique training courses and programs for Rubico and its employees. Their duties include coordination with Technical Leads and HR to determine training needs, implementing training programs into organizational procedures, and reviewing data from previous training programs to determine their success in helping employees learn about Rubco’s values or a particular skill.

Required Skills:
  • Create training schedules for all departments, track and create reports on outcomes of all training and maintain training records.
  • Train new hires on Rubico’s policies and procedures and use the best training methods for a specific purpose or audience.
  • Gather and evaluate information from employees and management on previous training to identify weaknesses and areas of improvement.
  • Attend seminars and meetings to learn new training methods and techniques and use the knowledge to prepare and coordinate future training sessions.
  • Market Rubico’s training opportunities to employees and provide information on benefits to encourage participation.
  • Recommend training materials and methods, order and maintain in-house training equipment and facilities and manage the budget set for training.
  • Own the complete training process as per Rubico
  • Previous experience working as an IT Training Coordinator role is preferred
  • Knowledge of Technical skills used in Mobile & Web Application development
  • Outstanding communication skills so a person can communicate effectively with management and other departments
  • Strong understanding of business goals and standards for customer service
  • Experience providing full-scope training materials, from analyzing company needs to lesson planning, development, and implementation
  • Extensive knowledge of best practices in creating instructional materials
  • Experience creating yearly training plans and materials for all departments

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